what is literature in space?

literature in space began in fall 2018 as an outlet for critical writing and thinking in the world of genre media (print, film, and television). I have been reading science fiction and fantasy for most of my reading life, and I became interested in it as a critical study during my undergraduate English degree. Due to genre fiction not always being considered “worthy of study,” I made an effort to seek out criticisms and texts regarding science fiction’s and fantasy’s place in “literary canon.” It wasn’t until after my master’s degree in English that I became highly dedicated to exploring and showcasing the validity of science fiction and fantasy in academic study. I have written articles for publication on two notable and popular science fiction writers (and an important, relevant work of each). My research for those pieces led to me wanting to do more work and research for science fiction and fantasy works from sff’s Golden Age until now.

what to expect

SFF content in context through an inclusive, always learning lens; reviews, content, and criticism of various sff media.

who is behind it all?

Meg, 30-something, credentials: teaching an introductory science fiction course at a private college for three semesters, BA + MA in English Literature (with a focus in Gothic Literature and Children’s Literature), to-be-published articles in an academic anthology.

what is #SFFREVERB?

#SFFREVERB is a year-long challenge for 2019 in which I (and hopefully others!) will read at least twelve Hugo and Nebula award winners in half-decade increments from January to December. I’ll be posting my thoughts about them in depth here and at spaceliterature on Instagram and Twitter. Follow #SFFREVERB and #spaceliterature to see all of the posts! I will also be occasionally reposting favorite photos/posts on Instagram and retweeting/engaging on Twitter with those who use the hashtags!